8 Step Marketing Plan to Profit Over the Holiday Season

We all know it takes time to create marketing campaigns. Between figuring out what to sell, what to promote, getting enough inventory, and crafting social media campaigns, it takes a whole lotta brain power to solidify a profitable holiday marketing strategy. Do you typically stay out of the frenzy, or do you go all in to grab your share of the seasonal pie?

This is why you need an actual plan, a road map that includes ways to identify your goals, measure what’s working, and tweak as needed. You don’t have to let the holiday shopping frenzy pass you by! Whether you are a product based or service-based business, you can cash in on the flurry of activity this holiday shopping season. If you want to join the holiday shopping frenzy, this training/workbook is for you!

Watch this training and learn how to:

  • Define your sales goals
  • Streamline your promotions
  • Create a realistic marketing plan to make more money

You’ll figure out the who, what, where, why and how of your holiday revenue using an actual strategy. You don’t have to wing it this holiday season, nor do you have to pour all your money down the (expensive) Facebook ads rabbit hole.  

After you watch the presentation, be sure to download the companion workbook, to craft your profitable marketing plan. Use this easy-to-follow strategy, and fast track your way to profits!

2 Modules

Presentation Training

Watch this brief presentation that outlines all you need to consider when crafting a holiday marketing plan. 


Download this easy to follow workbook.

Modules for this product 2
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