How to Supercharge Your Social Media Ecourse

This is the next best thing to having me as your Social Media Manager! 

Who is this for:

✅ Solopreneurs who are overwhelmed with managing their own social media

✅ Small business owners who do not have a Social Media Manager

✅ Entrepreneurs who spend too much time trying to figure out what to say on social media

✅ Anyone who wants to use social media in less time while getting more out of it!

If you are managing your own social media, and you're ready to:

✅ know what to say, when, where and why

✅ understand how to set up an efficient posting schedule

✅ fight the social media time suck

✅ learn how to engage on social media in less time with better results

✅ finally feel confident in using social media for marketing, not for play

✅ create a daily action plan that produces results need to take this course! 

Need help with social media management

I taught this masterclass live. However, I have divided each of the segments so you're not overwhelmed. You can go at your own pace!

Have a peek at the contents:

  • Introduction & Overview
  • Strategy First
  • Assess Your Existing Social Media Platforms & Set Goals
  • Finding the Right App for Managing Your Social
  • What Should I Share? Content Ideas for Social Media
  • Set It and Forget It – Automating Your Social Media Content
  • Setting Your Status Update Schedule
  • Engaging Your Followers on Social Media
  • How to Fight the Social Media Time Drain
  • Using Your Mobile to Manage Your Social Media
  • Monitoring Your Social Media Stats
  • Managing Social Media – Your Daily Action Plan

Yuppers, all that!

  • Note, this masterclass is NOT a training on how to use the features of any one platform. I am teaching the marketing side of social media, the part you need to know no matter which platform you are using. 

It's time to position you AND your business to harness the power of social media. 

14 Modules

Teaser Introduction - What This Course Covers

What's in this course, who is it for, and why do you need it? Watch this!

Start Here

Start here to learn how to navigate the platform, gain access to the course materials, and get an overview of the course.

Module 00 - Introduction and Agenda

What's in this course? Watch this brief overview!

Module 01 - Strategy First

Social media success works just like your offline world.  It takes preparation and time, and strategy for success. Although you hear stories of people going viral overnight, those stories are actually few and far between.

Module 02 - Assess Existing Platforms and Goal Setting

Before we can know where we're going, we have to figure out where we are. Conduct your own social media audit, then establish your goals.

Module 03 - Finding the Right App

There are a slew of different social media apps and dashboard programs out there that can help you in different ways, and it can drive you crazy sifting through all the reviews to find the right one. Start with these! 

Module 04 - Content Ideas

Even if you’re not entirely new to the world of social, you may be wondering where to start and what to share. Here are three types of content that are typically shared on social networks.

Module 05 - Automate Your Content

Maintaining your social media presence can take a great deal of time if you want to cover your bases and maximize your efforts. Here's the content you should automate, why and how! 

Module 06 - Setting Your Status Update Schedule

Social media profiles require daily maintenance to be effective. However, you can schedule your updates so that you don't have to do it every day. Even if you're away from the computer, you're still visible to your fans and followers.

Module 07 - Engaging Your Followers

As part of your social media strategy, you should make it a point to engage your customers in conversations on each platform each day. The more you’re there interacting with with your followers and others, the better results you’ll get.

Module 08 - Fight the Social Media Time Suck

There’s a tidal wave of information and noise on social media that you don’t need, so you’ll have to develop good habits to tune out the clutter.

Module 09 - Using Your Mobile To Manage Your Social Media

The main advantage of a cell phone is that it lets you take care of some of these smaller tasks when you’re on the go. Here's how you can use your out-of-the-office time more efficiently.

Module 10 - Monitoring Your Stats

The ultimate key to using social media effectively is to monitor your stats on a regular basis. When you look at your analytics, they will tell you exactly what’s working and what’s not, and then you can change your strategy accordingly. 

Module 11 - Your Daily Action Plan

You may know exactly what you need to do to get the best results from social media, but actually managing multiple social media profiles is a challenge that requires quite a bit of organization. You can take control of all your social media tasks by creating a daily and weekly action plan.

Modules for this product 14
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