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You write sales copy and leverage copywriting techniques in most, if not all, of your content and on all of your website pages. Think about it. The standard headline is a collection of words designed to trigger a specific action, namely to motivate visitors to read your page or post. The ability to understand and write sales copy can result in significant business growth. Knowing how to measure and increase conversions can make all the difference.

Let’s start by talking about the importance of a high converting sales page and what it means to your business. We’ll take a quick look at different types of online copy. Then we’ll focus our attention on the long form sales letter, including the components of this type of sales copy and why it works.

Create Launch Profit Sales Page Funnel Templates

What's Included in the Sales Page Funnel Templates Package

  • Sales Page 
  • Thank You Page
  • Upsell Page
  • Call To Action (CTA) Swipe File  
  • Closings Swipe File
  • Headline Swipe File
  • Power Words Swipe File
  • Transitions Swipe File
  • Sales Page Graphics


Be sure to download your Bonus Workbook. too: Increase Your Income Instantly with Upsells, One-time Offers and Back-end Offers

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Sales Page Funnel Templates

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Increase Your Income Instantly with Upsells and Backend Offers


There is a sure-fire way to increase your income without getting a single new customer, and that’s by selling to customers that you already have. There are several ways to do this. In this report we’ll talk about using upsells, one-time offers, and back-end offers. These are the three best ways to increase sales without even creating one new product, or getting one new customer.

Many businesses report increasing sales by 25 percent by changing their ordering process just a bit to accommodate these three tactics.

Be sure to grab your Bonus Workbook: Increase Your Income Instantly with Upsells, One-time Offers and Back-end Offers

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